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Updated: Apr 9, 2021


Hello friends,

a new year has finally begun, but most importantly 2020 has come to an end.

Last year I left you with a few updates on what will happen to Alloa Casale and I’m happy to tell you that we are on the right track.

During this past month we have worked like busy bees for the launch of the silk collection, a line made of eleven styles in three different colours (Espresso, Navy and Milk). As you all know, my goal is to help people find comfort and peace in their bodies also thanks to the clothing they wear and I’m convinced that, with this collection, made of really simple and timeless pieces, my puropse has been achieved.

When a new year begins, we often talk about plans and targets we want to achieve and so I thought it would be a nice idea to share my list with you all.

First things first, there’s of course the launch of our silk collection that I hope to implement during the course of this year by adding a new and fourth color (and I’m really oriented towards brick red).

Let me remind you that the silk collection is coming to Alloa Casale to stay, since my final goal is to become a brand without seasonality with the same styles, in different fabrics available all year long.

The second target, is to introduce a small collection of ivory linen blouses, perfect for a carefree summer. This small collection is already ready and made with a super soft italian linen which is almost impossible not to fall in love with. I hope and expect to launch these capsules around the months of March/April (but don’t worry, I will certainly let you know about it).

My third goal will be to include a wool collection. I've been watching for this wool not only for months, but years!

It’s a super soft crepe made here in Italy and truthfully I cannot wait to get started with this wonderful fabric because, in addition to it being a delight to wear, it’s also pleasure to sew. I’m absolutely certain about the quality of this wool because I tested it during the whole winter and it is exceptional. I hope to create the sample within the month of April to be able to photograph it in June and launch it in September. The styles will be same ones as the silk collection but they will appear to be completely different since they will be made with a different material. We will definitely add a pair of trousers (and maybe even something else).

Number four on my list will be to also include 2-3 outwears made in CASHEMERE. I can’t tell you much about it right now but I’m planning on creating the styles in two different colours and for now I can tell you that the fabric I’ve selected is pure bliss to touch. My plan is to photograph these styles in September and to launch them in October. On the same day we will photograph outwears, I want to organise an editorial scenic shoot which I’ve been thinking about for a bit, but for now it’s just a tangled mess of ideas.

Lastly, I hope with all my heart that by September we will be able to move in the new place and to make you fall in love with it as much as we did.

Since there’s a lot of work to do I’m going to say goodbye for now and send you the warmest greetings of a happy beginning of the new year.

With love,



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