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Talking about: SILK COLLECTION

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Hi friends!

It is with immense joy that I can finally announce that the silk collection is now available online!

First things first, if you haven’t done so already, go take a look at our website at the entire collection. And if you like something, don’t forget to use the code SILK20AC to get 20% off on your order. Don't worry, I'll wait. ☺

I hardly ever feel satisfied with my work. I often go back on my steps and ask myself if I’ve actually been able to express myself or I let myself be carried away during the creative process. But not this time! I’m really happy with the work I’ve done, it has developed very naturally from the creative stage to the business side of things. Every single piece in the collection is something that I for one I would wear and feel perfectly comfortable in!

Every single piece is designed to give you the comfort you need to live every single day to the fullest: whether you work in an office or you have a more dynamic job, whether you want to go for a walk or to dance in a club, these clothes can adapt very easily to your plans.

Comfort: it is a very simple word, it recalls the basics and we often associate this word to something that is not necessarily exciting or interesting. For many it can summon images that’s best not to be associated with (stillness, ageing, fatigue, laziness). We have all heard expressions like: pain is the price you pay for beauty.

With the silk collection I want to fight this preconception, going against that feeling of defeat I have when, opening my wardrobe, I choose what’s more comfortable instead of what’s trendy. Every day at work I have to feel comfortable in my clothes, I don’t want a strap too tight of my trousers preventing me from concentrating as best as I can or a high pair of shoes that doesn’t allow me to move as freely as I could. It might appear ridiculous, but I’m convinced that clothes that can satisfy comfort, frees up space essential for us to be happy, focused and uninhibited. Besides I object to the idea that comfortable clothing is in opposition to beauty and can’t fascinate.

I feel pretty and elegant when I wear the Teresa trousers in silky crepe with a cashmere sweater in earth tones.

I feel free when I walk wearing the Benedetta dress and when the silk, moved by the wind, brushes my skin.

I feel dynamic when I wear the Agata trousers with the Anna shirt and I love to wear minimal and monochromatic looks enriched by my favorite jewels.

With this silk clothing I feel like I finally give my thoughts shape and that I gave a “kick in the pants” (penso che qua sia meglio kick in the butt, ma e’ un po più volgare) to that feeling of discouragement I have when I choose what is comfortable instead of what is trendy.

Warmest greetings,



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